Natore sugar mill workers stage demo against transfer

On Monday, workers and employees at North Bengal Sugar Mill in Lalpur in Natore protested against the order of the government sugar corporation to transfer workers and workers from closed mills to the mill.

The Bangladesh Sugar Food Industries Corporation directed the transfer of 61 workers from the country's closed sugarmills to different posts at the North Bengal Sugar Mill.

Humayun Kabir, North Bengal Sugar Mill's managing director, told New Age he received transfer letters from 61 workers at another closed sugar mill.

A procession of around 100 workers and employees protested the decision. They also held a brief rally in front the mill.

They stated that they would lose jobs if the workers from the closed mills were to join the Lalpur mill.

They also requested that the authorities involved withdraw the transfer order, and appoint those who have been in these posts for a while.

They sought to have the prime minister intervene so that no mill worker or employee would be fired.

Lalpur Awami League president AftabHossain Hossain, general secretary, and chairman Isahaq Ali, North Bengal Akhchasi Samiti president Ibrahim Khalil and former president of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Shahidul Islam, addressed the crowd.

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